Discovering Luxury at a Bargain at Rema Tourist Inn

TEXT & PHOTO: Kaycie Gayle

Rema Tourist Inn has served to become our ‘home’ while we were in Palawan. Interestingly, its name ‘Rema’ has been derived from the reversed first name of the owner, Mr. Amer Abagat. While Tourist Inn is stating under what category of accommodation it is and for whom specifically it caters to. Having not experienced staying in an inn before, I was a bit uncertain when our travel agent has given this as one of our choices. I was preferring to stay in hotels but location wise a friend of mine has chosen this hence it was what was booked for us.

facade rema tourist inn - palawan misswoman.coLobby

When we got there I was relieved that indeed we were not staying in a hotel but our inn just suits me well. We are not staying in a five-star hotel but it feels we are staying at a luxury inn at a bargain. Staying in the inn for a couple of days have led me to appreciate this kind of accommodation and gave me enough reasons why I realized it also it suits me fittingly.

hallway -  rema tourist inn - palawan misswoman.coHallway

Inns are located along a highway or countryside while a hotel is located in the cities. Rema Tourist Inn is tucked away from the city center but still conveniently located in the town area and have easy access to the city proper. It is located in a peaceful and quiet part of the city, hence, the quietness of the place help guests escape the busy streets. Moreover, its location obtains and maintain its eco-friendly ambiance with clean fresh air from lush of greenies and fresh environment.

lush greenies & Fresh environment -  rema tourist inn - palawan misswoman.coLush greenies and fresh environment

Inns have smaller building while hotels have generally big buildings hence inns can accommodate a more limited number of guests due to the number of rooms, while hotels can accommodate a large number of people. This works perfectly with me because I prefer being in smaller buildings. It enables me to appreciate their outdoor aesthetic and architecture better. From the outside, Rema Tourist Inn looks like a plain, two-story long building but upon getting inside, it is spacious and cozy. Also being in an accommodation with lesser people means being less stressed cause you can lounge on the lobby and other places without feeling too crowded with other guests and that’s one of the things you can luxuriate in at the inn.

building -  rema tourist inn - palawan misswoman.coRema Tourist Inn building

Second, while inns and hotels both aim to provide comfort, inns provide more of a ‘homey’ ambiance. while hotels provide a feel of sophistication. Rema Tourist Inn serves an ideal home while we are on vacation in town.
It is eye soothing and has this comfy feel that I’m looking for in every place I stay during vacations. It seems like staying in a rest house. The lobby has ‘homey-sophisticated’ ambiance and from it you can have a glimpse of the villas and pool which adds to the feeling of a relaxed peace.

pool from the lobby -  rema tourist inn - palawan misswoman.coGlimpse of the pool and villas from the lobby

Moreover when it comes to amenities, Hotels do provide some recreational facilities like gym, gaming, swimming, spas, while inns are more modest. Rema Tourist Inn also has functional facilities for the convenience and comfort of guests. The inn has a courtyard pool that looks serene with that fresh environment and well-designed landscape. This outdoor pool seems to serve as the centerpiece of the inn, where you can have a good dip in the pool after long day tours. There are also sun loungers that will make you stay longer especially to enjoy the afternoon breeze. Also, it is also good to start with a coffee in the morning with the relaxing ambiance of the courtyard. At night, it is also a good place to stargaze with its sky view while enjoying the fresh air.

courtyard pool -  rema tourist inn - palawan misswoman.coCourtyard pool with sky view

They say that inns have a lesser number and smaller rooms, while hotels generally have more and bigger rooms. Rema Tourist Inn has lesser rooms but they have a quite nice selection for a wide range of travelers. Their rooms offered ranges from single traveler to family rooms and are very spacious. It has all the basics for a cozy stay, comfortable beds, soft pillows, air-conditioned rooms, clean private toilet and bath, and furnished with drawers and cabinets for valuables and baggage. Each room is also equipped with flat-screen cable TV and free Wi-Fi access with a decent internet connection. But above all, it has a relaxing view when you open the doors for being right in front of the pool.

bed -  rema tourist inn - palawan misswoman.coBed in the room 

extra bed in the room  -  rema tourist inn - palawan misswoman.coExtra bed in the room 

While both provide good services to its guests like drinks and food, inns do not have separate restaurants. Inns have a small area for food and drink with limited cuisine while hotels have a bigger section for restaurants which can accommodate many people and provide them with different types of cuisines. In Rema Tourist Inn, they have an indoor dining area located at a corner of the lobby. They also have an outdoor restaurant cum bar with a pool view. They serve halal food hence not serving pork since the owner is a Muslim. They also provide complimentary plated breakfast but it is filling enough though it’s not a buffet. Breakfast is simple with rice meals consisted of fried egg and choice of sausages or corned beef. But what stands out the most to me is their coffee. It is one of the things I actually look for in the morning during my stay.

indoor dining area -  rema tourist inn - palawan misswoman.coIndoor dining area

Outdoor dining area -  rema tourist inn - palawan misswoman.coOutdoor Dining Area at night

Plated Breakfast -  rema tourist inn - palawan misswoman.coPlated Breakfast

Inns do not have star ratings while hotels have a standard rating for their service. Rema Tourist Inn does not have 24hour room service but they have provided us with flawless guest service. From the moment we were fetched from the airport on time that is actually free roundtrip airport transfer to easy checking in, I have already noticed the convenience they provide. They have politely briefed us about the policy and some important reminders so we would be guided properly while we are staying in the inn. After which they have given us the room keys and wifi password was instantly provided upon asking. Welcome drinks were also provided to refresh us upon our arrival. They have been consistent enough with providing high service by transport arrangements to other destinations, free ride to the souvenir shop called MC Pasalubong Center which is also owned by the same proprietor of the hotel. Moreover, you can also trust them to arrange your tours. The entire time we stayed at the inn until we checked out and serviced us to the airport, the staff have been helpful and answered our queries courteously. They immediately responded on any assistance we need. They were so helpful that one of their staff in the bar cum restaurant has been notable to me for her exceptional service while we were eating there one night. This kind of service certainly adds to the inn’s terrific reputation in serving their guests.

Reception Area -  rema tourist inn - palawan misswoman.coFront desk

The inn is serving travelers from all over the world. Staying here showed me that to have a comfortable vacation, one doesn’t necessarily have to stay in an upscale hotel. It is an accommodation that is value for money without compromising an outstanding staycation. Rema Tourist Inn provides a five-star treatment with the price of a three-star.

Doors of Room 1 & 2  rema tourist inn - palawan misswoman.coDoors of Room One and Two

Should you be staying in Palawan you may consider Rema Tourist Inn as your home away from home. It is tucked along Socrates Road Brgy. San Pedro Puerto Princesa City, Palawan 5300

Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored. All expenses were shouldered by the author. All photos are from Kaycie Gayle

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