Carefree in Cowrie Island, Palawan

TEXT & PHOTO: Kaycie Gayle

Cowrie Island in Honda Bay is one of the most visited islands in Palawan. It has been named after a brightly colored-shelled mollusks called cowrie which thrives in the area. Regardless that it is surrounded with waters, the island has been installed with recreational facilities such as volleyball area, pavilion for events and water fun activities equipment. For people who just like to relax and look around the view they can opt to stay in cottages for rent and should they need to freshen up, there clean shower and changing rooms available.

2019-01-14_20.17.41Cowrie Island welcome mark 

It has served as the last stop in our Honda bay island hopping tour, hence having used my energy in exploring the previous islands, I am hoping to have a  total relaxation in this island, and tried unwinding activities it has to offer.

Culinary food trip
Being the last to be visited in Honda bay Island Hopping Tour, I am already starving by the time I got here and its just perfect that included in our package is the buffet lunch. Together with other island hoppers we were instructed by our tour tour guide to just tell his name to be accommodated in the open air restaurant. Upon looking at the foods available I have become interested in having a taste of them. True enough the food that was served was good and I personally enjoyed Chicken barbecue, Pesto pasta, Kangkong tempura and Papaya Atchara.

Meanwhile, they also have a somewhat “mini bar” in the island for those who would like to drink some beer and fruit shakes. As for me, I have opted to have fresh ‘buko’ juice or coconut water served in a coconut shell which comes with a disposable plastic spoon to enjoy the coconut meat by scraping and eating it.

2019-01-14_20.02.47Island’s buffet restaurant 

2019-01-14_19.59.49Chicken barbecue, pesto pasta, Papaya atchara, kangkong tempura with iced tea

2019-01-14_20.12.40Bar in the island

Sunbathing under an umbrella tree
Sunbathing is indeed about laying under the sun  to have that tan skin. However, I preferred to look for a shedded place and stayed under an umbrella tree. I found my bliss in laying on the sand with my sarong spread out on the ground to protect myself from the occasional rough objects on the sands. Enjoying the sea breeze while peeking on the blue sky through the branches and trees refreshes me and made me forget the hustle and bustle of city life.

2019-01-14_20.09.46Woman sunbathing under a tree

Snap some photos
Since the island has a beautiful, picturesque scenery, I was not able to resist taking a picture of the turquoise colored backdrop of the island. Also, the pictures I have snapped would serve as a souvenir of my visit in this island when I get back home.

2019-01-14_20.15.03Candid tourists in the island shot

Enjoy the water
While most of the visitors opt to snorkel or float on the surface of the crystal clear water, I walked on the seashore where the water still reaches when it waves while taking advantage of looking at the view.


However, there are things I wasnt able to do but would like to do given that I have longer time staying in there.

After being into different islands, pampering yourself from head-to-toe through massage while enjoying the sea breeze is certainly rejuvenating. This island has thatched-roof spa cabanas where you can reward yourself a massage in an open air while  having a view of the island surroundings.

2019-01-14_20.05.57Thatched-roof massage cabana

Cowrie Island is perfect for those who are seeking sand, sun and sea. However, I have thought I must at least see a cowrie since I am in Cowrie Island, apparently I haven’t found one. Well, maybe because I haven’t really tried looking for one. But anyway, I had a good stay in this island even for just few hours.


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