Lazing Around at Luli Island, Palawan

TEXT & PHOTO: Kaycie Gayle

Luli Island is a part of my Honda Bay tour. Mostly this is visited for a lunch break or just as a stop during the island hopping. It has derived its name from two local vernacular words, “Lu” which is from the first syllable of “lulubog” that means to sink and “Li” is taken from “lilitaw” which means to rise to appear. According to our guide, this island is not on the map of Palawan because of what the island does based on its occurrences, it sinks and rises with the tide hence famous among tourists. He also mentioned that it is a private island owned by the Marcelo family.

2019-01-09_20.30.37Boat docked on the island

It is best visited during low tide so you’ll be able to see the entire island. Due to the sun directly shining on its powdery cream-colored sand, this looks like a dessert in the middle of the sea. It is surrounded with clear emerald waters and accompanied with mangroves on a certain part. Meanwhile going there on high tides will only provide a view of its wooden cottages merely perched above the water that seems to be like just floating.

Since I am here for beach bumming, I explored the island to find interesting activities to do and some of the things that fascinated me are listed below.

Eat on the restaurant or have a cocktail drink from the bar.
Some tours stop here for lunch while some find leisure in buying a drink from one of the bars in the island to unwind. While savoring a meal and drink you may enjoy the view of the beach and be totally relaxed.

2019-01-09_20.27.11Restaurant in Luli Island

2019-01-09_20.07.18Bar in the island

Lounge on the hammock under a shed.
What a better way to make the best out of staying the beach is to enjoy the view of sparkling bluish waters made possible as the sun strikes on it while laying on a swinging hammock. This certainly sets a sleepy lazy mode for anyone.

2019-01-09_20.32.33Hammocks under the shed

Bask in the sun
To have that sun-kissed skin, you may enjoy walking around the island or just choose a place to build a sand castle. In my case, I chose to sit on a wooden ladder overlooking the sea, while watching foreign and local tourists enjoying the beach.

2019-01-09_20.25.29One of the wooden stairs in the island

Play and enjoy crossing on the wooden dock gangway.
Crossing the installed gangway is wobbly but fun.  Since it is just floating on the water, every movement is certainly felt. Though it’s made durable precaution is still advised.


Swim on the beach
Take a dip in the clear blue water while on the island. Also, to have that up, close and personal encounter you may opt for fish feeding.

2018-12-02_06.38.04Tourists taking a dip on the beach

Staying in Luli Island has led me to appreciate how the environment can change what you see any time. Being able to see what you see at the moment should be appreciated because now you may see it,  and later you may not.

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