Itoy’s Coffee Haus, Sole Cafe in Town?

Text & Photo: Kaycie Gayle

Coffee shop for a post-dinner nightcap is what I am looking for after dining in one of the restaurants in the town. Apparently I have noticed that while walking along Rizal Avenue to look for a cafe nearby I have not spotted any coffee shop that’s familiar to me may it be international or local. I was almost worrying if I could even find a homegrown coffee shop until I saw this charming cafe.

IMG_20181231_072834_873Interior display- wooden crates

From its facade, the logo and the name of the cafe is displayed. On its logo I have noticed a picture of an old man at the center whose name I have learned is where the cafe’s name is derived from. Itoy is the nickname of Benito Jason Marcelo, the father of Ma. Editha Marcelo Bayron or “Girlie” who is the owner of the cafe. This homegrown cafe has opened last December 8, 2005 and has been one of the few well-loved cafes in town.

The cafe looks small from the outside but upon entering it, I realized that it has both indoor and al fresco dining area in which the latter is located at the back. From the entrance, the cafe counter and side tables is what I have initially seen. But looking further, I have spotted a podium with Christmas decorations which is just in time for the season. Hanged on its brick wall are pictures of famous foreign singers from previous generation, hence has given a diner like me a hint that the owner could have probably like vintage.  Alongside with it, are few family photos, while pictures of  jetski on the sea is displayed on other side of the wall.

IMG_20181231_073340_022Cafe counter

After looking around the cafe to have an idea of how a certified Palaweno coffee shop look like, I have chosen an indoor seat. I have seen some diners are staying at the open air dining area called “Eving’s Garden” which is named after the owner’s mother- Aliva Palanca Clark Marcelo. While I found comfort in staying inside to feel the vibe of the coffee shop and it’s local diners.

IMG_20181231_072633_319Door to the al fresco dining area

By looking at the menu, I got excited to see the range of offerings they have, They are serving cakes, pastries, salads and other dishes while hot coffee, frappucino and iced coffee are available  for drinks. However since I was just looking for a dessert and nightcap drink, I ordered hot chocolate and sansrival  in which I have observed  both have just ample sweetness.


After half an hour of satiating myself with my comfort drink, I have decided leave the cafe, and exit through the back to have a glimpse of the al fresco dining. Passing along it, I have thought should I have another chance to come back in Palawan and visit this cafe again, I would like to sit here. But for the meantime, I am satisfied that I discovered this place even it is not really part of my itinerary. My cravings at night has led me to this cafe, and I’m glad to find this local coffee shop. Apparently, from my journey to locate a cafe, this seemed to me the pioneer and sole coffee shop in town.

Should you visit Palawan, and crave for a coffee or hot chocolate you may find this homegrown coffee haus at Rizal Ave, Puerto Princesa, 5300 Palawan.

Category: Mid-priced Restaurant|Casual Dining

Acknowledgment to itsmegracee.


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