The Christ-mas of Santa Claus

Found this Santa Claus toy displayed in an ancestral house I have visited. Regardless of its size, it instantly caught my attention and find delight in staring at this adorable stout old man wearing a red coat with white fur. Who wouldn’t find it pleasing when he always looks so adorable whenever he is being portrayed. After some time of gazing at it, I have realized that I am so mesmerized with Santa Claus and somehow felt I am missing the point of recognizing the real hero of Christmas. Then I have thought “If Santa Claus is for real, and he is indeed playing a song just like what his doll version does I hope that he would rejoicefully sing about the real essence of Christmas. I wonder what his heart beats for whenever he wanders giving gifts. Ergo, if given a chance I would probably ask him “what would you like people to remember about this yearly celebration?” While respecting whatever he would answer, I also hope that his reply would point us to the real root of the matter ‘that it’s not about him but it’s about the birth of Messiah.’ That it’s even so clear that the first syllable of Christmas is Christ, which has been purposely emphasized to determine instantly who are we celebrating this for. I hope that he would also answer that he is just like any of us taking part in celebrating the birth of the real ‘Giver’ who provides both the tangible and the intangible gifts. The true source of life and the ultimate giver of earthly and eternal joy.

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