Kusina.kom Bistro

“Even without any trace of sophistication, it is becoming our go-to place to destress after toiling. Discreetly tucked along the highway is this unimposing little restaurant with a somewhat primitive fence. Serving comfort food with that feel-good vibe of reggae music, where else would we rather be for a swift bonding before going home.”

This is my story on Instagram after eating at Kusina.Kom. This restaurant with a laid-back ambiance is teeming with professionals after work to grab a bite and unwind. Despite having a small space, it has strategically able to place six tables inside with three tables for two diners and another three tables for four. It also has three tables outdoor, where people who would like to have a view of the road and enjoy all fresco dining can stay in. Despite being placed beside the highway, diners would still find comfort in eating outdoor as it has placed a wooden small fence indicating the boundary between sidewalk and outdoor dining area. This fence adds to its aesthetic charming value at the same time.

2018-11-23_04.58.07Recycled wooden chair backrest used as a decor in the bistro

Meanwhile, you will find recycled knick-knacks for embellishments inside. One of my most appreciated decors is the recycled wooden chair backrest hanged on the wall. Despite that it is just reused, it has elevated the look of the restaurant and serves as the highlight display and brought the antique feel vibe of the place. Another noticeable decor is the fan where its blade is designed to look like a clock. There are other displays that seem to be forgotten and was just taken from an old room and eventually was used as a display on the bistro. Electronic lamps hanged on the wall warmly lits the place hence giving the ambiance a more dramatic effect.

2018-11-23_05.05.29Bistro’s Indoor view 

This place is popular among professionals who pass by it and have become regular diners here. Also, it is well embraced by the locals since the bistro is serving too affordable yet tasty meals. The community in the neighborhood can go here to dine when there’s no to cooked food at home, hence providing convenience among households at a very affordable meal.

As for me, I may be having another meal at this humble bistro while you are reading this post. If you happen to visit this place, we may have a chance encounter at this restaurant. If you are wondering where they are located, you may visit Kusina.kom at Poblacion Crossing Calumpit Bulacan.

Casual Dining
Low priced restaurant


Update: Sadly, this restaurant has already closed.

Last Updated: September 17, 2019

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