Gift’s Worth

TEXT: Kaycie Gayle

Morning greetings like little surprises of knick knack gifts can actually make your day. Recently, as I got in the office I found a locally-made chocolate with a note for me that was simply placed on my chair. It’s somehow silently speaks to me saying ‘good morning’, that literally made my morning good indeed. Hence, it has become a mood booster for a stressful day ahead.

Most of the time extravagant gifts means nothing if it’s just given out of making a statement, but it’s the little things that weighs more when its given after a thoughtful consideration to make you feel special. Gifts only become significant when there’s a meaningful reason on why it has been given to you. It could be an expression of appreciation, apology, or confession of longing, which are all well-meaning nonetheless. Above all, there’s no amount of money that could pay the pleasant feeling you experienced after receiving that present in surprise. Just the thought that somebody has considered to give you something to make you feel appreciated when in fact she doesn’t need to means more. Such a sweet gesture is a gift in itself. Pondering on this, makes you realize that it’s not the gift’s amount that counts but the pleasant surprise it has affected you and the gift’s meaning that matters.

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