Beautiful Reminder

Hello beautiful.

Are you having a messy bun hairstyle frequently lately? Well, i guess every woman who have tons of workload or thinkabouts can identify with this. I myself is no exception to this. Everybody may be able to relate on having those days when you find the inconvenience of beautifying yourself because you are so caught up with the tasks on your day job. Or maybe you are so consumed that you have no time to brush your hair and instead use your hands to finger comb it to prevent it from going on your face. Maybe this might also sound relatable to you, when you know that you look a bit pale cause you haven’t put your lipstick on, or maybe you wear your favorite hue but lazy enough to get the mirror and check whether your lips are still properly shaded or if your lipstick is not yet smeared somewhere else. In those days, we just simply want to be ourselves and not to be conscious with how we look. It’s good to look natural and effortless most of the time, however, from time to time it might be also good to reflect why do you do not beautify yourself lately. Could it be because you’ve been used to looking plainly natural since you justify your look for being so stressed?

Who does not experience and use the same excuse when you don’t feel motivated enough to beautify your self? Sometimes most of your bad hair days is chosen by you when you own it to have it. When we feel haggard we allow it to get inside of us. When we internalize it too much it has its own way of  manifesting it on our physical look. Therefore, instead of immersing yourself more with being haggard just look for the things around you that can put a smile on your face to cheer you up.

A little reminder about yourself being beautiful, positive or happy would help. Most of the time self-initiative is required of this. Remember that no one will motivate you more than you do on yourself. So when no one reminds you, remind yourself.  Choose to surround yourself with positive people, places, quotes and other stuffs. These are the things that you should frequently see effortlessly. That upon seeing, it will somehow cheer you up and bring positive vibe.

Look around, pay attention to details and you will see something that will make you feel good again. It could be a friend giving you a compliment, or a note of gratitude given to you, or a chocolate bar with message on its wrapper or a note from the barista who has written your name with a smiley face on your coffee cup.  However, if you can’t find one, then make one. It could be a simple note about yourself glued on something you frequently use. Write something that would remind you to have a good day and would boost your confidence.

Remember that when you are in a good mood, you are more productive and you will do your job better. Don’t women perform better in a better condition and mood after all. If you feel beautiful and happy inside and outside, then you can handle whatever you are doing with grace even if you’re under pressure. Because when you feel better, you do things much better.

PS. I practice what I preach. As for my case, i have seen my old orange cup which I bought nine years ago. I placed it in front of my screen so I would also be reminded that even on my bad hair days and feeling so stressed i would still ensure that I would be reminded to feel beautiful inside and out.

Sincerely, Miss Woman

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