Cafe Scene: Photoholic

Two women are heading to the stairs to get out of the cafe when they were stocked in the landing because a couple of people are taking pictures on the stairscase. Not wanting to disturb them, they stayed on the landing to wait for the group of diners have their picture taken. Understanding that this could be a bonding moment for them they waited patiently despite that they are in hurry to get out of the cafe. When they sensed that they are somewhat done, they started stepping down the stairs. Apparently the group are not yet done taking pictures when they seemed to realize they could still make better shots so they go on. Some persons from the group however are seemed to be embarrassed that their group is blocking the way and shyly looked at the two women who are supposedly going down. However, majority of the group just continued to pose and smile to be photographed beautifully on their pictures without minding the courtesy for the people who are passing on the stairs. Meanwhile, the two women still unable to pass through choose to be courteous despite the group being inconsiderate. Not wanting to be a photobomber, they modestly hid on their back so as not to appear on their group pictures.

Still maintaining courtesy, the two women just waited until they were through. When they figure out they are done, they pass through the narrow space that the group has vacated to look at photos they have taken of themselves. While the two ladies walk to the cafe’s exit silently and went straight to the parking area.

As a restaurant etiquette diners should also be aware of what others needed. Being considerate of how much space we are occupying despite having fun and bonding with others should be practiced. Considering the inconvenience and disturbance it may cause on others is an indication of respect and having good manners as well.