Cafe Scene: Group Conversation

Text: Kaycie Gayle

Two women have just arrived on the cafe and went straight on the cafe counter located on the ground floor, after ordering hot coffee latte and dark mocha frappuuccino, they went upstairs to look for a seat on the veranda. They sat on a corner table and start to relax themselves. In a while, they have decided to go inside and look for a seat. Almost all of the tables are occupied since many patrons are spending their Friday night at this cafe. The two ladies have found a seat near a group of diners however, when a couple have decided to leave, the two ladies have transferred on the recently vacated seat. As they start to sip their coffee and talk, the group of diners have started to laugh so loudly that the ladies were destructed they have to stop talking since they can’t hear each other clearly. The sound of their laughter has even become more intense as their conversation kept going. The two ladies have just decided to just check on their phones to be silent while the other group are still loudly conversing.

In a while, a man have just arrived looking for a place to sit. He have seen the table between the group of diners on a long table and the two women. He sat there and has started to place his cup of coffee on the table and open his book. In a few moments the loud laughter of the group has started again and the man who just came in got his earphones and placed it on his ears it to avoid the noise so he can concentrate. Meanwhile, one of the two women said, “i went to the cafe to relax after working the whole day and hoping to destress by having a good conversation with you. The cafe has a cozy ambience that sets your mood for a good conversation, apparently its too comfortable that they talk so loud and have seem to forgotten they are in a cafe and not in their home. The cafe has become a market that is crowded and loud instead of quiet and calming spot.” The other woman in agreement replied “yes, i don’t even hear any music being played because of the loud conversation and laughter.” And the other said “instead of jazz music, loud laughter and conversation replaced it.” And the two women have stood up, carried their paper cups with them and went out of the cafe.