AFC Angeles Fried Chicken

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Known as the oldest running restaurant in its hometown locals would say that Angeles Fried Chicken or AFC  has been a part of their growing up years. It is a corner that brings families and friends together from decades ago up to the present, hence making it a restaurant that creates and invokes memories among its diners. Generations of loyal patrons come back, making it as a place where grandparents reminisce about their good times in their yesteryears in this restaurant and sharing it with their grandchildren while enjoying meals. This long-running restaurant has been opened by Pedro Flores way back in the 1960’s on where it would still stand today and is now being managed by the new generation of the Flores family.

The façade of this restaurant looks like a two-story longhouse that is noticeable because of its red and white motif. It can be easily spotted since its name is hugely written on top of its structure. Located on its second floor is a function area that can hold as much as 200-300 pax while a spacious main dining area is on the ground floor. Once inside, a 60’s vibe is felt in this quite dimly-lit place. Consistent with its motif its wall is painted with red and ceiling is white. In the middle of the dining room are posts that are all painted with red as well with black lamp post attached on each of it. Still following the color theme are the checkered red and white tablecloth on each table. Meanwhile, a white long park bench is placed between the bar and its counter where the waiters are sitting down while overlooking to the needs of the customers and waiting to be called for assistance. On top of the bench is a green signboard that that displays their tagline “Welcome to AFC where chicken tastes heavenly.”

2018-09-27_22.58.59.jpgAFC’s tagline

In the years that the restaurant has been running, it has added and refined its dishes and menu to adapt to the cultures, cuisine and changing palate of its patrons, hence becoming a fusion of Chinese, American and Filipino cuisine. It has developed its guaranteed taste from more than a decade’s worth of experience, discovery, and advice that enables them to satisfy the whole family from grandparents to grandkids. It’s famous chicken recipe has been passed from generation to generation making a mark in the palates of its patrons.

Anybody would find a dish for their selves at any time of the day in this restaurant. However one of the recommendable dishes in this restaurant is Chicken Barbecue. In their menu, it says “Chicken Barbecue, a popular barbecue recipe with the unique flavor only AFC can make.” Its chicken has a distinct flavor, where the crispy part enhances the flavor and tastiness of the chicken. This comes with thick fried potato slices as a side dish which is also good and not too oily. Chicken is doused with its special barbecue sauce which its complex texture and flavor elevate the taste of the chicken and fries from being simple to incredibly scrumptious. Depending on the diner’s appetite, affordable dishes here are good for sharing.

2018-09-27_22.54.45Chicken Barbecue

The signature dish in this restaurant has made a lot of its diners curious by giving them a taste of something familiar. Many identify its taste with a popular restaurant that sounds the same as their name as well. To find out if it really tastes the same, one has to try and savor it to validate for themselves. Hence, this is something to look forward to those who haven’t tried this dish yet.

2018-09-27_22.57.26AFC diners

May it be for outside or in-house catering, orders for take-out or dining in AFC will continue to delight its diners for many more years to come. May they be tourists or locals, a family, couple, friends or alone it will always be a great place to enjoy and satisfy your chicken cravings.

AFC is located at 1992 Marlim Avenue, Diamond Subdivision, just off MacArthur Highway Angeles City, Pampanga

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