7 Beans Cafe

TEXT & PHOTOS: Kaycie Gayle

Passing along a beautiful old house in a busy street is gripping. Finding out you could actually stay for a while to drink a cup of coffee is even more irresistible. This is how 7 Beans Cafe effortlessly entice its passersby to drop by to dine or have a cup of coffee. It’s a local cafe that is owned by the people behind the Imerex Plaza Hotel which is just across it. Imerex which stands for International Mercado Exchange reflects that the Mercados who are native Kapampangans from Concepcion, Tarlac owns both the property and the cafe. Hence it is like an extension and a coffee shop of the hotel.

It was named as 7 beans cafe because the shop is using seven kinds of coffee beans namely Ampucao, Colombia, Davao, Kenya, Atok, Peaberry and the seventh is Sagada bean.

Display of 7 coffee beans used in the cafe

The cafe is tucked in a two-level house where it occupies a part of its subdivisions. From the outside, it has an open spacious yard that serves as a parking lot for cafe diners and hotel guests across it. Surrounded with plants and trees with a patio table and chairs gives it a feel of a provincial charm where slow lifestyle is enjoyed. Its modest signboard written on a dark wood carries the name of the cafe and its logo of a coffee bean that is drawn with white paint. The structure itself is painted with dark gray, accentuated its line details with white paint and matched with a brown color roof. A glass window will welcome you with a glass wall art calligraphy that says ‘Overflowing grace of God’ which is rephrased shortened version of 2 Corinthians 12:9.

2018-09-27_22.30.03Glass window art calligraphy

Despite being an old structure, its interiors are a mixture of modern and classic charms. Its choices of furniture and color paints are industrial but a homey vibe comes naturally by being a previous house indeed. Its walls that are made of wood and painted with white is an evidence of being an aged house hence, giving you a feel of dining in a home.  It’s airy ambiance and natural lighting comes from daylight passing through its large sliding windows with white painted frames and clear window panes. Its flooring is somewhat shabby chic of brown orange and green aged floor tiles which balances the hues by adding colors to the cafe aside from white and gray. Its ceiling is painted with black complimenting the color of its dark gray cafe counter. A displayed siphon coffee maker with a wooden stand and noticeable jars with different coffee beans shows the six beans being used in the cafe is placed on the counter. A noticeable white wooden photo frame is also on display on where it is written  ‘Hakuna Ma’Coffee, it means no worries, I’ll just drink coffee for the rest of the day.’ Choosing a seat allows you to pick from Tolix dining chairs or stools that are paired with steeled foot tables with a dark brown colored wooden top. As you sit and look around while waiting for the waiter to approach you, reading randomly feel-good quotes may amuse you. Happiness quotes like ‘Do something good today’, ‘Enjoy the little things’, ‘Happiness is licking the spoon, eat drink and be happy’, ‘In small surprises of hope, you have gulps of dreams waiting to come true’, and a verse from 1 Corinthians 13:13 which says ‘and now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.’ are all exhibited.

2018-09-27_22.32.48Natural lighting from sliding windows

2018-09-27_22.27.29Tolix dining chairs and stools


Cafe counter

As you find yourself a seat, you start to be relaxed as soft music plays. On your table, there’s a readily available jar of cold water that has just been placed by the waiter to refresh you while waiting to be served. In a while, he will hand you a brown clipboard with pages that seemed to be recycled papers, where the menu list is written. They offer mostly Filipino cuisines but for pasta lovers, they have Basil Sardines where the tastes of black olives, basil, white onions, and sardines blends so well with sprinkled Parmesan cheese on its top. The cafe recommended must try is their signature drink iced latte, however, Cookie Dough Frappe is a good choice for cold treats. It is topped with sprinkled chocolate chip cookie, and its creaminess is balanced with appropriate sweetness.


Jar of water

2018-09-27_22.50.327 beans menu

2018-09-27_22.44.16Basil Sardines Pasta

2018-09-27_22.39.35Cookie Dough Frappe


For those who like to have a quiet peaceful morning, this place is a good place to be. They are located at L-463B Miranda Street, Santo Rosario, Angeles City, Pampanga, Philippines.

Moderately priced restaurant
Casual Dining