Art of Living in The Moment

When was the last time you slowed down and just be in the moment to savor what surrounds you? A week, a month, a year ago or you don’t remember at all? With the different roles we have to perform as a woman, sometimes, living in the moment is something that we often take for granted. Our mindset has always been what’s the next thing we have to do while still doing something else at the moment.

Enjoying the art of here and now enables us to be emotionally connected and mentally present at the same time. We are engrossed while noticing and appreciating every single detail that helps us to see the beauty with whatever we are surrounded with. We become more sensitive to our senses, hence our discernment becomes stronger. As our senses are active we are easily aware even with the simple details. Ergo, we become more empathetic as we understand what’s really happening while perceiving clearly the real deal.

Anchoring awareness in the here and now makes us realistic and have a consciousness to what’s really existing to the point that we see even the flaws. This awareness is actually what makes it possible for us to be more accepting as well to both the blemishes and the beauty we behold.

One more advantage of enjoying the here and now is that when we get to pay attention to detail and appreciate it, we become inspired.  This eventually triggers our creativity and enable us to translate and express it through art. For this reason, many artistic works have been produced by finding an inspiration through the art of living in the moment. So being at present with the here and now can actually unleash the artist in you. Observe on how many poems, songs, and paintings have been produced by artists by just feeling, savoring and being inspired by the moment.

Let us learn to enjoy what’s in front of us. Let us take time and do not hurry things, cause when we do, we will enjoy the best out of your circumstances. So our challenge for ourselves is why don’t we start today living in the moment. Let us have an intentional attention on the present and enjoy with whatever we are surrounded with. Relish and luxuriate in whatever we are doing at the moment.

Text: Kaycie Gayle

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