Traveling Elegant Women

Text: Kaycie Gayle
Header Photo courtesy: Rene Asmussen|Pexels

Aside from the sceneries I’ve beheld, the architecture I have marveled at, I have also appreciated women that I have come across with along my travels. I have encountered different kinds of women, from seductive to cutesy some artsy and then there are the fine women. Among these, I have always been mesmerized by the last kind. Fine women are the ones that are simple yet exudes an effortless elegance that comes naturally. They are not trendy yet have a timeless style. The kind of women who receives appreciation that transcends across generations, from young ones to adult. They are simply the captivating women that catch the attention of both men and women and even receives a second look, eventually being stared at and being wondered about even after they have passed.

This kind of women serves as an inspiration to other women. Some even strive to be like them to have the same kind of appeal. However to look captivatingly elegant, they go great heights up to the point of being extreme with the hopes of being at par with these women, hence instead of looking simply elegant they unintentionally overdo it. The impression they create then becomes different which instead of looking naturally elegant, it turns out to looking forced and scripted. Ergo, if one aims to look elegant, then one should look effortlessly elegant because ‘having just the look is different from exuding it naturally.’

Elegance is an image of a woman who is silently sitting in a cafe while looking at the view from the balcony that despite her silence, the onlookers feel her elegance. That is because elegance is modesty, it is unimposing and understated. Elegance comes from a silent confidence. It has nothing to do with showing off or bragging about on anything. It elicits naturally because it is genuinely is and not just looking like it. Foisting elegance is different from natural effortless elegance because real elegance is quiet and confident but imposed elegance is loud, insecure and needs to do something to be noticed. It needs attention to be recognized as expensive and deluxe.

Elegance is an image of a woman in the streets who talks to locals with respect, a woman who knows how to express appreciation and gratitude to hotel butlers and restaurant waiters. Elegance is about knowing social graces and not about simply sophistication. Some perceive elegance equates sophistication which is the image of being cosmopolitan, cultured, having a great deal of worldly experience and the idea of looking confidently feisty and powerful. Yet sophistication and elegance are different. Elegance in women is about being graceful, soft, feminine yet able and having a refined manner wherever they are.

Elegance is an image of a woman, who walks on cobbled streets while exploring old world architecture. She is clothed properly while the wind blows her soft comfortable dress but still looking stylish. She is ingenious in styling by wearing what is comfortable for the activities she will do for the day, appropriate for the occasion she will be and purposefully fits the places she will go to. She does not style herself to flaunt among the locals neither imitate noticeable tourists certain look to portray herself the same on photos she will take herself of to show to her friends back home. She is simply styling herself consistently whether on tour or even back at home. She beautifies herself according to her own style while at the same time considering that it is acceptable to any culture and versatile to any occasion.

Elegance is an image of a woman who is curiously looking at the artifacts and artworks in a museum. Anyone who would look at her would identify she is elegant even without seeing the luxury brand labels attached to any of her worn pieces. She is wearing simple classic pieces of clothing and small plain pretty accessories but still looking in style. She embodies understatedness that translates fine taste and elegance even without the obvious indication of sophisticated deluxe pieces.

Elegance is an image of a woman who treats street children with dignity, courteous with local market vendors and expresses compassion toward old beggars. She has a good heart wherever she goes, may she be in her hometown or in travel. That’s because kindness reflects elegance, for being kindness and respect are the underlying principles of social graces and elegance requires social grace.

Elegance is more than the finest clothing and luxurious pieces wrapped around you. Real elegance is something that naturally exudes when you know social graces, understands and respects different culture while having a poise of a woman being natural. You may buy all the fancy pieces but you can never counterfeit real elegance. You may wear elegant pieces but you may never be it unless you understand what it takes to be genuinely elegant. Effortless elegance is something you can never fake. You can only imitate but you can never fully replicate consistently. Thus, aim to naturally embody it and not just to ‘struggly’ wear it, because putting it on simply makes the elegance fade after undressing it. But embodying it makes you an elegant woman whoever you may be with, whenever season it may be and wherever you may go..