Cafe Scene

Text: Kaycie Gayle
Header photo courtesy: Helena Lopes|Pexels

Three o’clock in the afternoon at a rooftop cafe with a green logo located inside a big mall in the north triangle. Jazz is playing in the background as the cashier takes the order of the customers queuing and asks for their name. The coffee grinder starts to sound as the baristas started to make the ordered coffees. There are two baristas and one cashier on the counter. As a couple entered the café in which the guy seems to be an American and the woman is a Filipina, the guard greeted them with “Hi, Good afternoon”

Despite the cozy and laid back ambiance of the café, everybody seems to be busy. All of whom are doing their own whatabouts. The four guys who seem to be in their mid-twenties sitting in front of the bar are looking at their own laptops and once in a while will exchange insights on something. The girl on the door who’s wearing pink is writing in her notebook while sipping her frappe, and once in a while looks at the people around as if observing something. Two giggling ladies talk about guys while eating their panini. There was an old man with gold-rimmed thick glasses reading a book. The door of the café never stops from opening and closing since the coming of customers ordering and going out to look for a seat in the alfresco area dining area is continuous. The baby in the stroller who is maybe about a year with his guardian just came in. He keeps on looking around the place and up the people who pass by as if wondering where he is.

The café is crowded inside. Some of the customers mostly in groups are teenagers and yuppies who prefer to stay outside to lit their cigarettes while sipping their frappe. It’s too sunny that makes most of the customers hold frappe instead of a hot coffee even if the plastic cups of their frappe is already sweating.

It’s getting four o’clock and more customers are coming in. The sound of the coffee maker, the utensils the baristas are using and the conversation of the customers beats the sound of the music playing in the café.

Four o’clock ticked and  there was a change in the weather. The sun was no longer visible as it became so cloudy and seems to be about to rain. There are more people outside the cafe and the vacant seats outdoor are now all occupied. Few groups are already standing that even the customers inside the crowded café would rather stand outside to feel the ambiance while holding their cups of frappe and looking at the smoke effect and fountains of the mall on a cloudy afternoon.

Inside the café, the temperature starts to cool as the people lessen. Meanwhile, the lady wearing a pink top stops writing and walks toward the tall man who has just arrived outside the café and together they walk away going somewhere else.