Bloom at Beans and Blossoms Cafe

TEXT & PHOTO: Kaycie Gayle

From the street view, a green leafy signage bears the name Beans and Blossoms Cafe. With its name, you will be drawn to peek inside to know what to discover. By doing so, you will behold a somewhat colorful courtyard with candy-colored plant box with sprouting leaves, and pallet shelf on its fence. As you walk inside you will see two adorable friendly little girls playing back and forth the plant box and small play area just outside the main dining door. This instantly suggests that it is a family-friendly restaurant that fits anyone who needs to dine with their little ones. The alloted small area for kids and a colorful ambiance will surely catch a kid’s interest. Upon noticing you, the playing little girls will innocently look as if shyly welcoming you. They smile back at you after talking to them, but since they are unable to fully express their selves yet, they will call their mother to assist you further. In a while, a petite pretty woman will then approach you, asking which part would you be comfortable to sit in the restaurant and show you the way towards it.

2018-08-11_09.02.05Street View

2018-08-06_17.13.25View from the veranda with the two little girls playing on the plant box

In a brief conversation with her, you will be introduced about the restaurant’s background and the people behind it. Her name is Johlhet Praise Canta the wife of the chef and cafe’s part owner Ralphnell Canta who is a graduate of Hotel and Restaurant Management.  He used to be a professor in a nearby institution in the morning and was working in a restaurant at night to ensure that he was able to apply what he studied back then.  Eventually, he and his aunt ventured into the restaurant business by opening this cafe on October 14, 2017. Hence, being a family run restaurant, one would understand the reason why upon entering its premises you will instantly feel its homey vibe.

2018-08-11_08.35.46Cafe’s Homey vibe

Along the conversation, she has also shared that her husband has been attending seminars from the government about urban farming. Henceforth, this cafe is also open to anyone who is interested in garden to table concept. They have actually started their urban garden set up using Snap Hydroponic Solution and traditional soil farming. They planted vegetables to use as ingredients in their salads and other dishes served in the cafe. In this little way, they help in promoting urban gardening which people may be intimidated to begin with and engaged in. It is also a gesture of reminding people about the importance and good effect of planting even in the limited space of humble abodes. Ergo, for those who are interested in Hydroponic, they are open to guiding them on how to start.

2018-08-11_09.39.28.jpgPlant box in the cafe’s courtyard

Their garden to table concept is consistent with their garden theme for the cafe. As Joehlhet enthusiastically shares, their indoor concept and arrangement have just eventually evolved accordingly to the name of their cafe and food advocacy. All parts of the restaurant have now fully transformed into a colorful garden inspired ambiance. After almost a year of running the business everything just fell into place on how it looks now. Reflecting that this young restaurant consistently improves its aesthetic appeal means they are after the customer’ comfort and satisfaction.

There are two dining areas in the cafe, one is located on the ground floor which is the main dining area and the other one is upstairs. Their main dining area is airconditioned and has a cutesy counter that is made of pallet. It’s iron trusses is painted with black where the decorative vases with flowers are hanged alternately with some bulb lights that warmly lit the place. Its walls have been attached with floating shelves where little vases with flowers are placed on. Moreover, it is also adorned with feel-good words of wisdom. A noticeable part of this dining area is the two cocoon hanging chair with stand that is placed inside, which is available to anyone who is fascinated to seat on it.

2018-08-11_08.37.34Main dining area and cafe counter

For those who would like to feel an open-air ambiance, they have the veranda as a dining area as well. It is non-airconditioned but has fans around that makes the place ventilated enough. It has interesting signage design using gardening implements such as shovel as an accessory. This spot has a gleesome effect which is complemented by different tables with different sizes and colors that suggest happy hues for kids. Meanwhile, its tables are adorned in the center with flowers on small vases. To make the customers dining experience pleasantly convenient each table is provided with its own buzzer to call the waiter should there be an assistance needed like ordering, getting the bills, and the likes of it.

2018-08-11_08.58.49Veranda dining area

2018-08-11_08.46.29Table’s buzzer

This cafe continues to offer additional dishes in their menu and some of them are fusion food in which classic dish is served with a twist. Hence, this restaurant offers a variety of dishes from pizza, pasta to rice meals. For seafood lovers, you may opt for crab-a-holic, a pasta dish in which ‘aligue’ or crab fat is used as a sauce and topped with strips of crab meat. While chicken lovers may choose crispy chicken wings that is topped with strips of omelet in a lattice-like presentation. Diners with a sweet tooth may have strawberry cheesecake that is well done with strawberry syrup for flavoring. For healthy refreshments, you may opt for Malunggay Orange or Moringa citrus with a dipped calamansi or Philippine lemon.


2018-08-11_08.39.31Crispy chicken wings

2018-08-11_09.04.00Strawberry cheesecake

2018-08-11_08.48.58Moringa Citrus and Malunggay Orange

Aside from filling you up with their dishes, it also occasionally conducts events such as musical poetry. It is open to anyone as the cafe is serving as a venue to support local talents to showcase their artistry. Such events and other public announcements are posted on their Facebook page for those who are interested.

Should you want to dine while participating in one of their events or learning more of their advocacy, you may visit them at Jose Lites Building, Paseo del Congreso, San Gabriel, Malolos Bulacan. They are bloomed and open, thus just waiting for you.

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