Fresh CAFÉ+ Coffee.Brunch.Dessert

TEXT & PHOTO: Kaycie Gayle

Finding a calming spot along a busy street is a relief for those who are searching for a place to find serenity and be refreshed. Hence, passing along a restaurant that is made out of wood with glass wall and giving you a clear view of the inside entices you to drop by. All the more you get hooked as you see it is ornamented with real plants in appropriate places making it an eco-friendly themed place with an airy and fresh atmosphere. This is the potion of Cafe + Coffee. Brunch. Dessert to its passersby.

2018-05-27_13.44.51.jpgGlasswall on wooden frames

The cafe has indoor and outdoor areas in which both have a nice ambiance. The in-store is aesthetically satisfying, as it is furbished with brick walls on certain areas and glass wall with wooden frames. It is a well-ventilated place with few wooden tables and stools inside. This part offers comfort and convenience simultaneously by being near the cafe counter. It also allows you to see incoming diners since it gives a better view of the outside making it a good place for waiting. Despite facing a busy street it still has a visually refreshing scene due to natural earthy elements coupled with the surrounding plants in the background.

2018-05-27_13.26.40Cafe Indoor

Meanwhile, the cafe’s pergola is an extension outdoor dining area which provides more seating capacity. Its charm is emanating from having a breezy ambiance that offers alfresco dining with trees and plants around. This is a great spot and best enjoyed when the sun is down and becomes a cozy lit area enabling you to enjoy laughs with your friends.

2018-05-27_13.34.45.jpgPergola and indoor dining area

A display of selection of pastries and cakes and a coffee aroma will welcome you as you enter the in-store making you crave for these comfort food and hard to resist to take a bite on any of it. One of the irresistible delectable choices is Strawberry Cheesecake. Each layer of it complements one another but its creamy decadent filling stands out the most and enhances its flavor with sweetened strawberry.

2018-05-27_13.23.17Strawberry Cheesecake

Then there’s the Cinnamon Roll which is big light, fluffy, soft and not so gooey. It is rich with butter making it even more sumptuous.

2018-05-27_13.20.32.jpgCinnamon Roll

A comforting drink they offer is Coffee Peanut Butter Frappe which has a lovely creamy nutty taste blended with the right bitterness of coffee and ample sweetness. Not overpowering one another, the initial taste of the drink is the peanut butter flavor but leaves the bittersweet taste of coffee.

2018-05-27_13.31.44Coffee Peanut butter Frappe

2018-05-27_13.29.12.jpgBlack Forest Frapuccino

Whether you may be visiting the place on a sunny or rainy day, you will surely be refreshed and find your tranquility. On a sunny day, the place gets bright and light while on a gloomy rainy day, it has an effect of refreshing you on melancholic days as you watch the raindrop falls down on its glass wall. Hence, whatever season you may be in here, it will surely soothe you.

2018-05-27_13.38.01.jpgCafe Hallway

CAFÉ+ Coffee.Brunch.Dessert is situated in  3739 Cagayan Valley Road, Brgy Tabang, 3004 Plaridel, Bulacan
Moderately Priced Restaurant
Casual Dining

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