Endearing Tea & Coffee

TEXT & PHOTO: Kaycie Gayle

Endearing Tea & Coffee or ETC is a cafe that was conceptualized by two friends who likes to drink coffee.  They were able to think of a business that suits them after the countless times they spent together bonding over coffee. Allegedly, every night before one of the owners would go home, she would drop by to her friend’s place to enjoy a tête-à-tête with her over coffee. Hence, they eventually open a charming cafe inside a residential area making it like a hidden gem. It resulted in a spot that makes you feel like finding a home in a village that is unfamiliar to you and allowing you to feel like you are part of the community.

2018-07-18_18.07.26ETC cafe outdoor and indoor view

As you walk inside the subdivision towards this cafe, you will be welcomed by a porch with a look of that from an American house in the 1940’s. This attracts anyone who passes by and gives the cafe a look of having a laid-back ambiance in the midst of strip of restaurants. Choosing a seat from the porch allows you to experience the nonchalant feel in the neighborhood and greet passersby who smile at you.  The irony in staying this part of the cafe is that life seems to be slow in the area yet you can feel the fast-paced mindset of the diners. This dining area has a daybed and some throw pillows making it look more comforting and homey, while there are also some chairs and dinings tables for those who would like to have a regular dining table set.

2018-05-27_17.50.39ETC Porch at night

2018-07-18_17.24.47Seats available at the porch

Inside the cafe is an assortment of things that make it cozy. On the ceiling hangs elegantly designed capiz chandeliers. Several books are on display on the bookshelves which are also available for reading for its customers. It also features different kind of chairs and tables which allows you to pick according to your comfort and preference. For those who would like to really get comfortable and feel at home, you may opt for a couch with throw pillows. While their white Chiavari ballroom chairs with cushion are matched with long tables is ideal for groups. The booth seating on the walls is perfect for those who would like to have some privacy, and the parsons chairs paired with wooden table fits for couples.  Also, it has a native chair that gives the place a more local flair. However, some prefer to sit on chairs facing the glass wall with window calligraphy while looking outside. It’s a best suited for those who would like to have some inspiration to think while writing.

2018-07-18_18.04.10Chiavari ballroom chairs around the cafe

2018-05-27_17.43.25Cafe’s interior

A chosen dish from their menu is Almonds Pancake that is perfectly served with butter and syrup. This is best partnered with their creamy Hot chocolate drink.

2018-07-18_17.47.21Almonds Pancake

2018-07-18_18.00.43Hot chocolate drinks with latte art

If you are looking for a quiet neighborhood and taste happiness through deserts and hearty drinks, then look for endearing tea and coffee in this place.

Endearing Tea and Coffee or ETC is located at Pio Cruzcosa, La ResidenciaCalumpit, Bulacan.


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