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TEXT & PHOTO: Kaycie Gayle

One of the things that catch one’s attention and curiosity is a logo. It somehow gives you an idea of what an establishment is all about. As you pass along a building named Industriya in Marikina, you would probably think that it is some sort of a factory of a particular business venture as it was named Industriya which literally means “industry” in English. But upon seeing its logo, which is a hand-drawn sole stitcher would give you a hint of what industry it was inclined with. Actually, both the logo and its name are well thought of and consistent with the owner’s intention of branding this establishment as the family’s tribute to the shoemaking industry of Marikina.

©kg_industriya4Industriya logo

This place belongs to the Cheng family who used to own a shoe factory named American Golden Shoes. They used to be at forefront of the Marikina shoe industry in the 70’s on which their products are being exported to America and Europe and also had shops locally. However, when the glory of export market for Marikina-made shoes has faded in the 1980s, they concluded the export business and focused on the local retail market. Not wanting the property on which their factory stands to lay idle, the family decided to build a restaurant and events place. Since they couldn’t still turn their back on the influence of shoes for having been in the industry for decades, they have built a restaurant that is not shoe-themed but according to shoemaking industry. They have adorned it with elements related to shoe manufacturing into its interior design where one can see the family’s touches of their old business in the new structure. Hence resulting to a theme that is on point with cohesive details.

©kg_industriya6.jpgShoemaking machines inside the restaurant

Each piece in the edifice has its own take and story from the past. From the building itself, which is the location of the restaurant’s main dining area was once a shoe tannery while the events place was used to be the shoe factory. The latter was allegedly made of wood was torn down and was rebuilt using concrete wherein the old parts of the structure were upscaled, used and made carefully. Henceforth, an upshot is a restaurant that seems to be like a museum that showcases the local shoe industry even from the moment you enter its unimposing facade to the certain areas in the ground floor. Where old factory machines in manufacturing shoes that are cleaned, repainted and salvaged from the original structure are displayed. Some of the used machines it features are the lasting machine, in which the last is the wood where the shoe gets it shape and sole stitcher which is the inspiration behind the restaurant’s logo.


©kg_industriya16.jpgOld shoe machine

Meanwhile, in building the structure many materials have been repurposed to produce creatively and tastefully done pieces of details and decors of the establishment. The restaurant area which is mostly of wood with glass walls and windows were allegedly the old glass shelves for displaying shoes that were used for their stores. While the solid wood panels and beams saved from the old factory were transformed into dining table surfaces, wall tiles, and floor panels. Shoe lasts were used as door handles, couches stand,  interior accents by hanging them like chandeliers. Leather used in making shoes became covers for chair cushions and reupholstered couches. While the artistically crafted metal frames were used as accents to the windows, ceiling, stairwell, and curves of the gate. They also have recycled beer bottles that turned into colorful glass bottles for chandeliers which are placed on the ceilings at one portion of the dining area. Also, some faded photos of the family adorn and aligned on the walls as a tribute to their roots in the shoe industry, and some vintage books were also displayed.

©kg_industriya2.jpgGlass wall behind leather couches

©kg_industriya7Vintage books on bookshelf staircase

©kg_industriya20.jpgPictures on the staircase wall leading to the event’s place

Every nook and cranny has turned to be dining pockets and all feature that same upcycled heritage vibe. Even in other areas such as washrooms are detailed enough and have been labeled by a male or female shoe to identify which gender a particular restroom is for. Even the hallway has big shoemaking inspired photos and old machines.

©kg_industriya24.jpgWashroom label for each gender

The restaurant was opened to the public on November 28, 2014  and has different dining areas to offer to its clientele. They have both airconditioned area which serves as the main dining place and the outside tables which are in a garden setting, surrounded by plants and decorated by old machines used in the factory as well.

©kg_industriya5.jpgIndoor dining area

©kg_industriya14.jpgOutside tables in a garden setting

Upon finding your most comfortable seat in the restaurant you will instantly notice the paper placemats on its tables are also consistently in tune with the details. It has been designed to display the different shoe size chart for US, UK, and Euro. As the waiter approaches you, he will hand you with a 12-page menu list on a clipboard that answers to every preference since it is serving international cuisine. They even have a wine selection, allowing you to choose and pair your food with the right drink or wine. And for the tots or even to those who are young at heart they are also serving popcorns and ice cream straight from the old-style carts.

©kg_industriya3.jpgPaper Placemats

©kg_industriya10.jpgPopcorn and ice cream old-style carts

©kg_industriya9.jpgWine selection

A hearty choice was the Truffle Cream Pasta which has an earthy whiff and deeply seasoned al dente noodles and rich with parmesan cheese

©kg_industriya11.jpgTruffle Cream Pasta

Meanwhile, their Industriya Pizza is a long oblong disc topped with cured salmon, blue cheese, and mozzarella cheese on a thin and crispy crust, and served on a wooden board.

©kg_industriya13.jpgIndustriya Pizza

Then there’s also Chicken Fingers which is Parmesan Crusted and even becomes more flavorful when dipped in Tartar Sauce.

©kg_industriya12.jpgChicken Fingers

For refreshment, a healthy choice would be the Fresh Zambales Mango Shake.

©kg_industriya8.jpgFresh Zambales Mango Shake

In your visit, you may also get to tour around the restaurant to see its function areas should you consider it to be rented for any events to come. Industriya Marikina has several function rooms in varying sizes to accommodate special occasions such as weddings, baptism and birthdays. It is also a favorite venue for seminars and conferences. It has a wide event space that comes with its own bedrooms for dressing and touch-ups and also has a restroom. The third floor is also being developed to seat even more people.

©kg_industriya19.jpgBrown function room

©kg_industriya18.jpgAnother Function Area

©kg_industriya21.jpgAdditional Function area leading to Suite Room

©kg_industriya23Event’s Place

Industriya Restaurant is a living witness and testimony to the glorious past of shoe industry in Marikina. It is a place where you can imagine how it was in the old days and where it’s heading. As this area in the metro is transforming to be known from a shoe-making industry to an area that is rising and marking its name in the food scene this is a place which can exactly show you both the old and new Marikina.

©kg_industriya1.jpgIndustriya ambiance

You can visit Industriya Marikina Restaurant and Events Place at 23 M.A. Roxas St., Calumpang, Marikina City.


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