Impeccably Rustic Morning

TEXT & PHOTO: Kaycie Gayle

Rustic morning is a restaurant with an authentic homey ambiance that emanates from being tucked on a part of a family compound transformed into a dining place. It is a family-friendly restaurant as it has been a combined contribution of ideas and passion of a family from different generations. The dishes being served in this restaurant has drawn its inspiration from the owner’s grandmother’s mouthwatering recipes. Meanwhile, a touch of the owner’s mother who is an artist has been made visible in the area through the restaurant’s artistic flair and quirky setting. While the owner’s creative branding of the restaurant and signature dishes of comfort food from everyday home life marks in the food scene.

©kg_rusticmorning1Restaurant outdoor look

©kg_rusticmorning3Part of a family compound

This restaurant has a rural-like setting in which it is surrounded with lush plants and bamboo trees that make it look like a mini forest, hence enclosing the place and keeping the dining area hidden within. Every corner has random interesting decorations and each piece of furniture is consistent with the shabby chic feel. The place is adorned with many unique trinkets to look at that will keep the conversation going for the diners. Even its washroom is uniquely detailed where perfume bottle collections are displayed.

©kg_rusticmorning4Bamboo trees

©kg_rusticmorning6Rural-like setting

The restaurant has indoor and outdoor dining area, both having its own unique appeal. The interior of the restaurant seemed to be of a Grecian themed kitchen with mostly shades of white and accents of calming blue tones. Copper-kettle-decors and vintage things from the kitchen were used as decorations with flower painting hanging on the wall.

©kg_rusticmorning14.jpgIndoor dining area

Meanwhile, the garden dining area is designed differently from one table to another. It has a couple of trellis roofed areas, painted with white. The place seemed to have a collection of different wrought-iron chairs and long wooden sofas wherein each nook has a different kind of chair for its diners. It is adorned with linen cloth and capiz shells curtains, colorful array of bottles, handcrafted lamps that hang from the ceiling, and some displayed eccentric vases and paintings. Framed articles from newspaper and some old pictures of the patriarch are hanged on iron mesh which is also used as a divider on some areas. Moreover, some inspirational words to live by are all over the place that gives you a good vibe. Despite having filled with decors and gets packed with diners, tables are separated providing a semblance of privacy without making you feel of being cramped.

©kg_rusticmorning10Garden dining area

©kg_rusticmorning9Articles about the restaurant and pictures hanged on a mesh-wire divider

Their dishes are perfect to start the day and depending on the person’s appetite, portions are generous and ideal for sharing.

©kg_rusticmorning13.jpgBlackforest frappucino partnered with pancake

Blueberry Pancake is one of the delectable choices in their menu. It is two pieces in serving of fluffy pancake topped with blueberry jam and a heap of frothy creamy butter at the center. It comes with a plastic bottle of classic syrup which allows you to pour according to your desired amount.

©kg_rusticmorning11.jpgBlueberry pancake

©kg_rusticmorning8Classic Pancake Syrup

You can complete any meal with their Affogato which means drowned” in Italian. It has vanilla ice cream on top which balances the bitter taste of the hot espresso shot. You may also pair your meal with their Black Forest Frappuccino.


For leisurely eating escapades on a lazy weekend morning, visit this place as the morning breeze matches its rustic homey ambiance. It caters to all kinds of people with different taste buds. It is a place that becomes family bonding venue every weekend but also a good all day breakfast place in any time of the day for a group of friends, couples or simply for those who would like to go solo.

©kg_rusticmorning2Rustic Morning entrance

You may visit them at 11 Isabelo Mendoza Street, Marikina.


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