Heirloom of Patio Vera

TEXT & PHOTO: Kaycie Gayle

Marikina has gained popularity in the food scene by offering a good culinary fare often situated in a house or old structure redesigned to become a restaurant. One of the hidden gems that has this kind of flair is Patio Vera which is found in one of the narrow streets of Marikina with its humble gate entrance that makes it unnoticeable and concealed.

©kg_patiovera4.jpgBeautiful table and chair on the gate of Patio Vera

Patio Vera is a 1920 house owned by a family of shoe designers in Marikina. It was an old ancestral home cum shoe factory in 1970 and eventually transformed into a beautiful rustic restaurant that has been serving its guest since 2011 until at present. It is owned by the Caballeros family wherein its descendants have decided to establish a restaurant on the house that their grandmother has left them with and named it after her. Savera who allegedly spent her life as a shoemaker has been fondly called by her grandchildren as Lola Vera thus has been used by the owner as the restaurant’s name and added the word Patio which is a Spanish word for yard thereby making it Patio Vera.

©kg_patiovera6Hallway between indoor dining and garden area

Every nook of this restaurant is all appealing to the eyes and worth taking a photo. Inside you will find some family memorabilia which will show you traces of the family’s history.  From the old photographs that you’ll see on its dining tables which shows their close-knit family ties, to the footwear creations and old sewing machines used as decors which represent the previous industry they were inclined with. Also, the paintings and artwork furnishings hanging on the walls elicit their aesthetic appreciation, and the family collection shows through the antique displays like the antique mirrors, towering wooden doors and the vintage bike displayed in the garden area. Random decors they may be but all are well put together.

©kg_patiovera5.jpgAntique details

The restaurant is amply spaced and allows its diners to choose which area they’d like to dine in. They can stay indoors, at the bar, hallway tables or garden area. The indoor dining place is airconditioned with tall glass windows that offer a view of the garden. It has a somewhat look of a designer’s atelier which can be converted as a function area as well, Meanwhile, the bar is located on a terrace in the ground floor with two dining tables where one is a long table with antique chairs and the other is paired with a sofa. On the other hand, the hallway tables offer an al fresco dining experience and seem to be the entrance to the main house. Whereas the tables set in the garden are covered with a giant floral canopy and is surrounded by plants, palm and bamboo trees and magically transforms at night when the lights are on and gives this part a romantically cozy ambiance. However, when the restaurant is full, guests can spillover on the main house.

©kg_patiovera2Indoor dining area with windows overlooking the garden

©kg_patiovera8.jpgTerrace bar

The ambiance and setting of this restaurant perfectly fit for serving their heirloom dishes. It specializes in Spanish cuisine and offers classic dishes. From the presentation to the actual taste you will determine that it is understatedly prepared. Each dish is simply made, plated beautifully and tastes richly.

A savory dish they have is the Seafood Pasta with rich toppings of shrimp, mussel, and clams in spicy Pomodoro sauce.

©kg_patiovera10Seafood Pasta

Their Spareribs is succulent pork ribs in tangy barbecue sauce.


From the moment you sit to the time you are about to leave, this place will never fail to astonish you. One would not be stunned by the price you have to pay but because the bill is presented in cute high heel shoe.

©kg_patiovera1Bill in a high heel shoes

One of the commendable highlights of this restaurant is how they accommodate their guests. The staff are courteous, attentive and seems that it is their pleasure to assist you. While the owners are warm, welcoming and expressive that they appreciate you dine in their restaurant. Given a chance, they even take their guests on a tour inside the house while seemed to be enjoying interacting with them.

©kg_patiovera3.jpgAttentive staff in the restaurant

Due to its romantic ambiance, it has become known as a place for weddings and proposals hence has become somewhat a place of love. Dining in Patio Vera satisfies your stomach but also feeds your eyes with perfection.

©kg_patiovera7Romantic ambience in the garden area

Patio Vera is situated in 70 Gen F. Santos, Marikina, 1800 Metro Manila

Moderately Priced Restaurant
Fine Dining

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