Splashed by the 8 Waves Hotel

TEXT & PHOTO: Kaycie Gayle

As urbanized places offer sophisticated upscale hotels, provincial places may also offer good accommodation such as resort hotels for a staycation. Most of these hotels provide both relaxation and fun to its clientele. Likewise, 8 Waves Hotel in the province of Bulacan offers mid-range service where one can find tranquility as it is isolated from the hustle and bustle of the city life yet giving you a vibrant vibe of the place. It is perfect for people who are looking beyond the usual amenities of hotels, as it has its waterpark.

2018-06-16_01.26.22.jpgAnnex lobby logo

2018-06-17_19.36.32.jpgMain Lobby

This resort hotel has a classic looking design with huge Filipino culture-inspired paintings mounted on the walls on its common areas hence giving the place a feel of modest classical European hotels with a touch of local flair. In addition, it’s chandeliers and furniture give the place an elegant character.

2018-06-17_19.14.06.jpgHotel lounge

2018-06-17_18.40.14.jpgHotel lounge  furniture

2018-06-16_19.48.56.jpgChandelier view from the Second floor

Upon entering the hotel, it will welcome you with its lobby which is comfortable enough may you be just waiting or simply merely lounging in. Meanwhile, if you would like to luxuriate in quieter but still a commonplace you can laze on their annex lobby where their grand piano is also located. Moreover,  if you have grown tired of lolling in the lobbies, you can walk around their parking lot which is spacious enough with trees surrounding it thus making the look of it close to a park. You may also check their banquet room on the third floor should you need events place in the future as they host many weddings as well. Should you want to have some mementos for visiting the place they also have a souvenir shop which has decent prices for knick-knacks and swimming gears.

2018-06-16_01.06.05.jpgGrand piano in the Annex lobby

2018-06-16_01.01.42.jpgAnnex Lobby

2018-06-17_19.33.28.jpgSouvenir shop

2018-06-17_19.29.30Parking lot

The hotel rooms are spacious and feature a balcony. It gives you the option of a pool view or a parking lot view. For those who would like to see the activities in the waterpark then you may opt for a pool view. However for those who would like to have a view that is overlooking the road, then you may choose the balcony with a parking lot view. Just a room tip though, the irony is that the rooms with a parking view seemed to be quieter than that of with a pool view. Also, you may better book in advance during peak season or have your staycation off-peak season or midweek break so you can get the room type that you prefer. This will also enable you to enjoy more of the place as it is less crowded and the hotel is quieter.

2018-06-17_19.18.20.jpgGuest’s Room

2018-06-17_19.25.15.jpgView from the room’s balcony

Business or leisure traveler you may be you will definitely enjoy one of the commendable perks of having a room reservation in this hotel as each room has its own wifi username and password which makes the internet connection fast and reliable. Moreover, room reservation already includes passes for day and night swimming and use of the facility in the waterpark. Complimentary plated breakfast from Pancake House is also included with a choice of basic Filipino breakfast and a couple of western offerings. However, should you wish to have an alternative option for your cravings you may also visit their in-house food court called Neptune’s Diner.

2018-06-16_01.13.41.jpgHallway ground floor

2018-06-17_19.21.47Hallway second floor

To augment your stay in the resort hotel, you may as well enjoy its waterfun attractions wherein they offer several pools like the wave pool, bubble pool and safari-inspired pool which is perfect and specifically designed for little children. There are also a couple of water slides as one of their main attraction is the 8 Sands where you can slide along a hill to a man-made pool.

2018-06-17_19.41.40.jpg8 sands


This hotel is good for those who want a sudden quick escape and staycation to be away from the city. Hence, families from various age groups ranging from toddlers to seniors are spotted here especially during the weekend. As you may crave for a staycation in a hotel with a waterpark find yourself snugging in this resort hotel.

2018-06-16_19.52.26.jpg8 waves entrance from the waterpark

8 Waves Hotel is located at DRT Highway, Ulingao, San Rafael, Luzon, Philippines




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