Signature of Bahay na Tisa

TEXT & PHOTO: Kaycie Gayle

Bahay na Tisa which literally means house of bricks is a restaurant that is really made of bricks is located in the Heritage district of Malolos City. It is just a block away from Barasoain church.  It was said that this restaurant has started when a family from Bulacan had a summer home made of bricks with a tiled roof hence has been referred by the locals as Bahay na Tisa. Eventually, the first floor of the house was utilized to start the family restaurant which was called Taberna Maloleña, and soon enough was renamed as Bahay na Tisa.

2018-05-23_17.32.47Bahay na Tisa kitchen

2018-05-27_12.37.27Balustrade and  detailed tiled flooring of Bahay ni Tisa

Being a restaurant in an old ancestral house gives the ambiance a relaxing quaint chic feel. It gives diners an option to choose from where you want to eat whether to have an al fresco dining in the courtyard or stay in the rooftop while looking at the nearby other ancestral houses in the vicinity.  Both are good options, however staying at the rooftop is best enjoyed at night when you can look at the ancestral houses being lit by the lamp posts and stringed lights while having your dinner. Meanwhile when the sun is up and its warm around placing yourself in the main dining area is the best option for a more comfortable dining experience. In the late afternoon when you want to idle down and just observe around as other diners are also slowing down and watch the chef and waiters get busy as people start to flock the place then you can opt to find a seat on the patio umbrella tables in the courtyard.

2018-05-27_12.40.07Bahay na Tisa Courtyard

2018-05-23_17.04.50Rooftop dining

Being in the restaurant during the day enables you to appreciate its structure especially the intricately designed details of its wooden stairs and azotea or terraced roof. Being made of bricks gives the place a cozy old world charm feel hence frequented by women of all ages who would like to unwind. Families who are bonding and dining together while taking pictures is also a usual sight here. Professionals who would like to chill and catch up with friends also lounges in this restaurant.


Bahay na Tisa offers a wide variety of food in their menu for dessert, appetizers and main course. They serve pasta, seafood, and other Filipino dishes. Dining experience with them is indeed satisfactory. For those who enjoy talking while eating a finger food that is filling but light then their chicken sandwich is a good choice.  It is made up of shredded chicken that is mixed up with mayonnaise and is layered with lettuce and tomatoes. The creaminess of its mayonnaise is the dominant taste while chewing bits of the shredded chicken and it is balanced by the vegetables in between the bread thus making it a gastronomic delight.

2018-05-23_17.17.39Chicken Sandwich

Then there’s also a signature family recipe which is enjoyed by those who like fruity sweets and also a personal favorite which is the Banana fritter spring rolls with cream. It is made up of banana with jackfruit tucked inside in an egg roll wrapper that is partly covered with crispy caramelized sugar coating and sesame seeds and topped with poured chocolate syrup and matched with a dollop of cream

2018-05-27_12.40.51Banana fritter spring rolls with cream

Brewed coffee is also served simply but taste stronger both in flavor and caffeine which is good enough to keep the drinker alert and mindful during conversations while eating with friends and families.

2018-05-23_16.54.44Bahay na Tisa’s Brewed Coffee

Overall Bahay ni Tisa is a restaurant that offers dishes that have decently satisfying taste, with good serving and yet priced reasonably. This restaurant is really good value for money.

It is one of the rare find restaurants that offer a genuine dining experience in an old ancestral house. Hence for those who appreciate quaint chic places for dining then this should be on your list of restaurants to visit.

2018-05-27_12.35.06Bahay na Tisa at night

2018-05-27_12.36.20arbor entrance

Bahay na Tisa Restaurant is situated at 79 Independente St., San Gabriel, Malolos City Bulacan.


Moderately Priced Restaurant

Casual Dining


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