Rustic Cafe Mesa

Photo and Text: Kaycie Gayle

Cafe Mesa is nestled in one of the previous US Army houses in Clark Air Base in Pampanga, hence giving it a feel that you have traveled back to American colonial period. The structure is designed like an old barn house that is made of wood and painted with white thus giving it a rustic ambiance. The exterior feature of the restaurant is appealing as it offers an al fresco dining experience in a garden that has been endearingly designed by small details such as the small wooden banner of cafe mesa, and wrought iron arbor that is painted with white that serves as the entrance to the restaurant as well. On the other hand, the interior of the restaurant is subdivided into four areas, two of which seems to be flexible and can serve as function rooms, one part is for diners who want to eat overlooking the Stotsenberg park and one is the main dining area where the bar is located. The wooden floors of the cafe make the restaurant looks shabby but complements the quaint feel of the restaurant. As the piano and the paintings hanged on the wall is giving the ambiance a classic European feel inside.

Expect that the restaurant seems to have a fusion of inspiration. Despite its quaint western feel ambiance for its architecture and interior design, it has an oriental touch as well. At the time of visit, the waitresses are wearing Chinese inspired traditional dress cheomsan and their menu has a wide range of choices serving Filipino food, pasta and Japanese cuisines as well.

The cafe is offering pretty decent food and reasonable serving. One of the rare to find dessert but being offered in the restaurant is the Sansrival. As the usual taste and texture of this beloved dessert, it is buttery, chewy and has lots of cashew nuts. Hence it is not a letdown and is perfect for those who have sweet tooth. It is best partnered with their hot choco which is creamy, amply sugared and has basic latte art. Also, one of the must-try is their UCC coffee in which it is Japanese manufactured and is prepared through the Siphon Brewing Method with its elegant glass chambers hence the coffee preparation of this restaurant is a visual delight especially that it is placed in the bar which makes the diners see how their coffee is being made.

A recommendation, however,  if you want to call the attention of the waitress for assistance conveniently, you may opt to sit in the main dining area since it is where they usually stay while overlooking the restaurant. Dining in the small rooms and in the garden may not enable them to see you instantly in case you need assistance. However, rest assured that they will see you in a few minutes since one of the
distinctive noticeable features of the restaurant is that the waitresses are generally tall, slim and attractive. Their height is even more emphasized as their leg length increased through their black high heels that is partnered with their ankle-length cheomsan. Thus, making a gesture to call them will definitely catch their attention.

The restaurant can be crowded with professionals who would like to take a break from their work or cafe patrons who like to catch up with their friends. Also, it is an ideal place for business meetings as their small rooms provides exclusiveness. Hence if you are around this green city in Clark may it be to destress or conduct an informal business meeting, you may visit cafe mesa which literally means restaurant table. It is an ideal place where women can bring their women friends and have table conversations.

Cafe Mesa is located at Building 2078 Cardinal Santos Avenue Mimosa, Clark Freeport Zone, Pampanga.


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