Finding Zulu Coffee & Tea

TEXT & PHOTO: Kaycie Gayle

Zulu is an ancestral house that turned cafe restaurant. It has a simple looking entrance that seemed to be a gate, hence making an oomph restaurant inside unrecognizable. The cafe is divided into two sections, the covered part which is an African themed interior designed spot with embellishments and photographs of South African ethnic group called Zulu while the other part offers an al fresco dining. Each table and chairs are properly shed since it is accompanied with an umbrella stand, it also gives you a choice to cozy up by sitting on its cabanas with pillows and foams. The sound of the flowing water from its grotto waterfall on the fence makes the place even more relaxing, and the place becomes more alluring at night when the stringed lights are turned on to lit the al fresco dining in the backyard.

Zulu cafe and restaurant offers a fusion of inspiration. Though the interior design theme is African, its food offering is diverse. It has Thai-cuisines, pasta, coffees and Filipino dishes as well.

Dining in Zulu makes you feel that you are invited to tarry in a home’s backyard, hence it is a good place to catch up with friends. As dusk begins to set its padrinos starts to come in. You would see locals and occasionally foreigners who discover this visit the place. Rarely you may as well spot old couples who are spending quality time together, out on a date. If you are into a relaxing escape in one’s backyard then search for this cafe. Its perfect for those people who would like to wind off in a place that is not crowded. It’s a place that seemed to be hidden in the vibrant city of Angeles.

Zulu Coffee & Tea is located at 1934 Severina Lim St. Diamond Subdivision, Balibago, Angeles City



Moderately Priced Restaurant

Casual Dining

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