Orange Lemon Juice, a Classic Refreshment

Text: Miss Woman
Photo courtesy: Kaycie Gayle

Gone are the days when we do the traditional way of preparing our food. Hence, we resort to having our food instantly even with refreshments. To taste that tangy flavor in our drinks conveniently we choose the alternative options by buying bottled or carton juices or mix powdered juices with water instead of the natural and certainly healthier way of preparing our refreshments.

Another miss woman recipe is being featured and shared in this blog post.  It is a recipe she got from her mother when making their afternoon “merienda” or PM Snack.  The original ingredients are consist of two Chinese Honey Orange or Ponkan, one lemon, twelve tablespoons or three fourth cup of sugar and one-liter water.

The simple procedure for this refreshment starts with first squeezing the Chinese Honey Orange, then slice the lemon making it into a half,  squeeze the half lemon on the orange extract and cut the other half of lemon into thin slices and set it aside. Add sugar and water then mix it. After, drop the sliced lemon on the juice and lastly, chill it then serve.

Miss Woman Alternative Suggestion

Miss Woman sometimes uses ten Philippine lemon or calamansi for a more sour taste. Also, you may put sugar measurement as desired. You may also alter the ingredients according to your preference.

This recipe is an easy DIY for the all the busy miss women who want to have fresh refreshment. Hence, enjoy this healthy option for your drink.

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