Hill Station at Casa Vallejo in Baguio City

TEXT & PHOTO: Kaycie Gayle

Hill Station is a restaurant tucked in Casa Vallejo complex, which is considered as the Baguio’ s oldest hotel being established in 1909. It is a romantic place restaurant with fine-dining quality but with a casual quaint cottage ambiance

2018-03-13_20.05.50.jpgEntrance to Hill Station

The Vibe

While it is close to the main thoroughfare and a big mall in Baguio, being in Hill Station makes you in just one moment feel like you are transported to a different world altogether, like being thrown back in time to those days before the over-commercialization of Session Road and its historical parks. It beckons you to lounge even longer because of the feeling of being hidden from everything else by staying there. Its quaintness and nostalgic charm while sensing the cool breeze makes you forget the hour and sets your mood to reminisce and dream away as you found your place in a haven for unwinding. Ergo, it is a must found place if you want to spend some time alone to just mellow out which makes it a “me-time” spot picks for a Miss Woman.

2018-03-13_20.02.33A peek on Hill Station cafe from its window

2018-03-13_19.26.12.jpgHill station dining area

Beautiful Interior

Hill station restaurant’s charm is accentuated with its wooden flooring, wooden beams ceiling and a staircase on either side winding down the restaurant. As you enter, you will initially see their cafe and as you walk past the reception a restaurant with overlooking view through its picture windows will be unveiled to you. The place is more fetching through its elegant details such as the antique chandeliers, swags drape above its wooden floor and the cozy salmon pink and turquoise colored matched parsons chairs. Hence, it offers an intimate ambiance with a good number of seats to anyone who would like to try and enjoy the food they serve.

2018-03-13_19.14.12Double stairs on the entryway

Dishes and Drinks

The food has a pretty decent taste. It will allow you to experience how fine dining feels but somewhat casual at the same time. Spending morning here to have your breakfast is recommended while the place still has lesser diners which makes it an ideal place to relax and enjoy. Some of the dishes I have considered for my meal are Stuffed French Toast which has 2 thick slices of bread, with caramelized mangoes filing, topped with whipped cream, and enriched with maple syrup, and their Country Breakfast which consists of eggs, home fries, home-made bread, butter, jam and bacon rashers.

2018-03-13_19.17.03Country Breakfast

2018-03-13_19.20.28Stuffed French Toast

Dinner at this restaurant is something to look forward to. Its ambiance is being described as being romantic chic at night. So reservation might be needed because it’s a bit busy and packed/filled with people in the evening.

Due to its feel-good ambiance, this is one of the restaurants that you hope will never change and be able to preserve its atmosphere and quaint charm. This is what will keep you on looking forward to revisiting the place for the anticipation of feeling the same way and enjoy the same ambiance you were used to. You will go back hoping for the same experience and yet expects more by staying on a different time of the day in the same place.

Hill Station

This beautiful restaurant is located at Casa Vallejo, Luneta Hill, Upper Session Rd., 2600 Baguio City, Philippines.

Happy Travels! 💛

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