Sweet Little Things Cafe in San Fernando Pampanga

TEXT & PHOTO: Kaycie Gayle

On a Sunday Morning, I have found my place at Sweet Little Things Cafe to write and loosen up. Ironically, the cafe is relaxing and not too crowded despite that it is an ideal place for rendezvous since it is conveniently located on a corner of an intersection of a major highway that is nearby to bus terminals and public transport stops.

2018-03-23_08.26.06.jpgSweet Little Things Cafe counter

The ambiance

The feel inside the cafe is cozy and non-intimidating which is even more enhanced by the fact that the baristas are nice and welcoming. The most dominant color of the cafe is brown due to its wooden and brick-themed-walls which is accentuated with frames with chalkboard art. However, some parts of the cafe are literally intended to be a chalkboard wall for such art. Meanwhile, its glass wall is designed with window calligraphy and allows you to see the transport activities on the major highway. The cafe gives you a dual view of the hustle and bustle of the intersection road when you look at the glass wall and a relaxed and cozy cafe on the inside.

2018-03-23_08.28.57.jpgGlass wall overlooking the transport activities

The Latte Art

While the ambiance is designed with calligraphy and chalkboard art the lattes are also incorporated with art. Each drink is served with a latte art, however during my visit though the image was not so defined for some reason it still has somewhat a resemblance to Rosetta latte art.

2018-03-23_12.07.45White Mocha Latte

Their white mocha latte is creamy and topped with a layer of milk foam which made the presentation more attractive and is garnished with latte art. Hence the taste is a mixture of bitter and creamy. If you really try to savor it, you will realize that it is somewhat bitter at first but as the liquid spreads in your mouth and reaches the back part of your tongue just before you swallow it you will discover its creaminess and becomes the aftertaste.

2018-03-23_12.11.36.jpgLatte matched with cake

Meanwhile, for their desserts, their baked blueberry cheesecake is just so delectable. Each layer is not overpowering the taste of other layers but is just blending enough. You would not be overwhelmed or oversatiated but instead, would want to have another bite of it. Moreover, it is complemented with its flavoring which is the topped blueberries.

2018-03-23_12.09.57.jpgBaked Blueberry Cheesecake

Hence if you want a cafe that has a fusion of chalkboard art, and latte art then Sweet Little Things Cafe is the place to be. This artsy comfy wooden themed cafe will trigger the art of conversation, the art of writing for some who are into words, the art of waiting and patience to some who are meeting someone, or simply any of your artistic abilities.

Sweet Little Things Cafe

Address: UNIT 4, Ffparas Bldg., Jose Abad Santos Avenue, Mac Arthur Highway, City of San Fernando, Pampanga, Philippines

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