Stillness in Travel Cafe


TEXT & PHOTO: Kaycie Gayle

First Published: December 31, 2017

Updated: January 26, 2019

In the midst of people who are in a holiday rush to buy their stuff, I decided to look for a place where I can find solace while waiting, working and writing. Hence, I found myself staying in Travel Cafe.

Travel Cafe is a Korean-style cozy cafe where you can find yourself staying when you need to work in a relaxed mode. True to its catchphrase as a cozy cafe, it definitely offers such ambiance for its customers. It does not have a regular cafe setting where tables are all around the place when you get inside but you have to first choose which cubicle you are most comfortable to stay in.  Each cubicle offers a round low table and few pillows where you can sit on, hug or just use to be more comfortable. The effect of having no chairs but to sit on the floor can make you feel at home and makes the set-up even more Korean inspired. They also play soothing upbeat music which is just enough to set you in a mood to work.

2018-03-21_08.18.30.jpgRound low tables with pillows on cubicles of Travel Cafe

The cafe has a feel where you can stay quite long enough with no worries of getting your gadget low in battery because each cubicle does not only provide one socket but two. It also has a reliable wifi internet connection, so you can really work from the cafe thus make working while unwinding possible indeed. The customers are also pampered well enough since ordering or asking for assistance from the attendant is effortless. All you have to do is just press the button for the bell and they will gladly come to serve you.

2018-03-21_08.23.11.jpgThe menu on the Wall and Buzzer for Ordering Food

The interior design of the cafe is relaxing as it has good yellowish lighting making the whole area well lit. Varnished yellowish light wood is also apparent all over the place since their stairs and cubicles are made of wood. The cafe has a good number of cubicles and offers upstairs cribs aside from the cubicles on the main floor so you can be rest assured that you will always find a place to dine in.  Each cubicle has a wall painting that features the best spots or what culture a certain country is known for, Hence, it is called Travel cafe.

2018-03-21_08.21.09Cubicle’s Wall Painting

Travel Cafe offers a mixture of different cuisines. It serves Korean food, but also offers finger food such as nachos and fries and some comfort food like desserts and frappucinos.

2018-03-21_08.12.17.jpgComfort Food at Travel Cafe

In my visit at the time of writing this post, I ordered Chicken Spicy Noodles, but I must warn you that it is painfully spicy. So for those who love extremely spicy food, it is an option you may consider. For the drinks, I ordered Travel Vanilla Oreo Coffee. The frapuccino is not too sweet but it is creamy with fluffy whipped cream. Overall, the cafe food is okay and decent enough though not remarkable.

2018-03-21_08.08.56Chicken Spicy Noodles

2018-03-21_08.15.20Travel Vanilla Oreo Coffee

Travel cafe has other branches in the Philippines but the outlet I have visited and featured in this post is located at SM San Fernando Downtown in San Fernando Pampanga. So if you happen to be around the area and needing a space of somewhat like a cozy office in a cafe to work on something then you may consider visiting it.


Moderately Priced Restaurant

Casual Dining

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Apparently, the cafe branch at SM San Fernando Downtown in San Fernando Pampanga has now closed. 

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