Discovering At Home With Venetia in Kyoto

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In this modern world that is fast-paced, we need a lovely escape from our daily grind. We watch TV to unwind  hoping we could find a show that could help us to de-stress and feels like we have been to a spa after watching it. Finding a program that features an inspiring glimpse of a lifestyle that is slow, serene is a calming breath of fresh air for we are mostly presented with competitive food and lifestyle shows. Hence, discovering a Japanese program by chance entitled At Home with Venetia in Kyoto is a solace. It is a lifestyle show that presents the handcrafted, earthier, eco-friendly and people-friendly way of life of Venetia Stanley-Smith who lives close to the nature of Ohara, Kyoto. She impart a genuine stillness who doesn’t have any of the frenzies to live a perfect life, but just seemed content and knows how to live in tune with her surroundings and thus does the right things accordingly: lives seasonally, organically, and promotes local craft and produce. Her restful quality seemed that she is living a tranquil and quiet life that makes even the viewer feel so much peace while watching the show. She seemed to be happy being hands-on with household chores that makes an audience who’s not very domestic to come away with great appreciation for how she lives, be deeply moved and inspired by her.

At Home With Venetia In Kyoto focuses on the home life of Venetia. Each show features the changes in her garden and an aspect of her home or whatever she is up to on how her typical day for each season goes like. Viewers are introduced to her way of doing things and can learn from her housekeeping and gardening wisdom learned from different influences. The program features her gardening throughout the seasons while sharing it with her family and friends, it also exhibits her visits to local market to shop fresh local vegetables and other items, she would also set out for some centuries-old shop or have short trips to local craftspeople to converse with them, while giving her a glimpse of the artisan’s passion, thus giving her a better appreciation on such art and craft. Occasionally she would ask a local artisan neighbor to come to her house to teach her home decorations handicrafts. Aperiodically, she would also demonstrate a recipe, a house or garden-keeping tip. Mostly she would show how she uses herbs from her backyard and cooks it in her charming English cottage with a blend of Japanese aesthetics kitchen. She imparts how she uses herbs to make a drink or dish out of it to help her and her family alleviate seasonal health conditions. She also makes some handcrafted home essentials for remedies from herb and would share the recipes at some point in the program. At times she would write down herb note essays where she would relate life lessons learned and other realizations with an herb quality. The program also shows how she is engaged with the community, how she deals and celebrate life with her neighbors in their serene village, and how she embraced and appreciates the Japanese culture and countryside.

You can watch At Home with Venetia in Kyoto on NHK World. However, it doesn’t air everywhere. If you don’t have NHK World on Cable TV you can watch a live stream on its website, or occasional videos online like youtube or you may also purchase DVDs and books via her website.

As you try to chillax after a long busy day, switch on your TV and find yourself enjoying by watching this show with a nice cuppa way.

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