What to do on Gloomy Rainy Days

Text: Kaycie Gayle
Photo courtesy: StockSnap|Pixabay

While some may not enjoy a gloomy weather because gray skies could look depressing and make others feel sad, pluviohiles simply love the rain and others find it as a blessing. This kind of weather is actually a fun comforting opportunity and a moment to just be fascinated with its beauty. It is also a favorable time to appreciate the things frequently overlooked. Hence a compilation of what the rain reminds me to pause about and admire during gloomy days unfolds.

1. Celebrate and grateful for having a place like ‘home’

Waking up and being inside where it’s safe, warm and dry while its cold, windy and rainy outside, gives you feelings of security and comfort. It’s a soothing reminder that you have a secure place to be in when the weather’s bad and that you don’t have to be anxious about it.

2. Seize the opportunity to slow down

A gloomy weather makes you wish you don’t have to go to work that day, and instead looks forward to doing comforting and quieter interests. Ordinarily, people would mostly prefer to be huddled in their houses, since walking in the rain would be uncomfortable, hence, no one will blame and pressure you for not leaving the house. It somehow gives you a valid reason to slow down without the guilt of being lazy and wasting time on rainy days. Mellowing out does not only mean being languid, but it’s actually one way of enabling you to pause, breathe and appreciate life, and sometimes that’s what women like us need – a breather. So when you decide to decelerate on a rainy day, it is sensible, hence guilt free.

3. Catch up life at home

On a rainy day, you have a good reason to stay at home if you don’t have anything important to do outside. Now is the time to wear your pajamas all day and have the rest that you need and been depriving yourself of for quite some time. Catch up life at home and do the things you’ve always wish you had the privilege to do when you wake up in the morning. Snuggle up warm under the covers, cuddle up on a sofa while reading a good book or watch movies while cozying up on your couch. Otherwise, you may sit beside the window and find your bliss by sipping hot chocolate that warms you up and make you feel fuzzy inside. You may also watch raindrops on the window as it race to the bottom and see which one goes down first or just simply open up the window to enjoy the fresh air while looking out.

3. Indulge your senses

If you want to feel a fresher ambiance, then you may enjoy your cup of tea on the porch instead on the kitchen table. You may also laze around in the garden or patio and pay attention to the sights, sounds, and smells of the outdoors. As you do, feel the cool breeze as it touches your skin. Breathe deeply and savor that great smell on a rainy day and let that petrichor soothes you. You can also be still while listening to the wind and raindrops as it makes a diverse sound every time it hits something different, like when it lands on the leaves of the trees, on the metal railing on the sidewalk, the pitter-patter of raindrops on the window, on the roofs, pavements or even soil. Whether the rain is light and soft or fast and hard, the sound is just so wonderfully relaxing and nice to listen to. You may also gratify your eyes by looking around as the earth looks better and colorful on this kind of day. You can also stare up at the gray sky while the sun is not so bright and blinding and see as the raindrops fall from above. If you look down the grass looks greener, and the soil looks browner so it’s like looking at the world with enhanced colors.

4. Evokes nostalgia and invokes creativity

Just as there is comfort food, there is comfort weather. The incredibly relaxing ambiance of gloomy weather calms your mind thus makes it easier to think. Seasons and weathers have a charm that can touch the emotions in different ways thus bringing different thoughts and feelings as well. Just like on rainy days where one could be more emotional,  romantic and poetic, it sets one’s mood ergo, many songs and works of literature have been made and inspired by this weather. Rainfall is the ultimate compliment when you’re feeling wistful, melancholic and nostalgic. Hence, most of the emotional scenes in movies have been shot in rain and the reason why your favorite songs sound better on a rainy day. The whole feel of that lovely cold, moist atmosphere soothes you and gets you in the mood to be creative and write.

5. Unleash the carefree child in you and have your playtime.

People refrain from going out much in the rain, wherefore, with fewer people out in the streets, it’s a great experience to just take a walk in the rain. Not minding the weather just go out without any hesitation. You may or may not have a destination in mind because at that moment what you enjoy the most is not reaching it. While you traverse the rain you relish in seeing other people hurrying up and watch them either hating or enjoying the rain. With or without an umbrella you just go on and walk in the rain for you can take delight on the feeling of water on your skin, while feeling the cold and moist air whoosh through your body. It is amusing that you know you are slowly getting wet but not enough to be inconvenienced. You are just carefree because all that matters is that moment. When you finally reach a shedded and warm place you just sit down to dry yourself with a smile on your face for feeling great upon walking in the rain. If you feel like being a kid once again, then you can also puddle jump or even remove your shoes to walk barefoot in a water puddle, or you can also make some paper boats for the puddles.

6. Capture a captivating beauty

You may choose to just stare at the beauty that surrounds you when it’s raining but you can also capture and archive its beauty by grabbing your camera and start taking photos of the things you appreciate around on this kind of day. The flat light of an overcast day and the magic of diffused natural light give you a different effect on your photos and will give it a more emotional feel.

7. Drive around

To see an extent of the rain’s splendor around while the fog is low lying you may drive on the wet roads along the lush-green trees. Also, while the car is making its way through the rain you may listen to some songs in your car. However, if you just want focus on beholding around, then you can enjoy a cab ride and stare out the window to look at the streets as city lights sparkle on the taxi’s moist window at night.

With all these simple pleasures on a gloomy rainy weather, you will certainly be refreshed and reinvigorated. While the air is fresh and clear, and the noise from the city is dampened, the rain seems to simply rinse off the world so it can begin anew.

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