World Food Cafe Book Review

Text and Photo courtesy: Kaycie Gayle

BOOK: World Food Café by Chris Caldicott (1999)

World food cafe tells about the culinary journeys of the author as he travels around the world to find stories and images. It contains the recipes he has gathered from his travels which are now being served on his restaurant ‘world food cafe’. Being vegetarian himself, all of the recipes found in this cookbook are all vegan inspired. Hence, it is cookbook you can rely on when you want to cook a scrumptious vegetable dish as it gives you an idea on how to serve vegetables in different ways. It is one of the cookbooks that inspires you to eat vegetables because each dish has its own kind of flavoring that makes it impossible for someone not to have a choice.

One of the charms of this cookbook is how the author has narrated his adventures and misadventures as well. He presented the realistic side of traveling, and how those hitches, glitches boring moments and long travel by land and sea, has led him to a more memorable traveling experience and discovering treasured recipes by the locals. He also shared how his journey has been more meaningful by having the privilege to meet people along the way who were kind enough to invite them into their homes to eat or stay with them. The culinary knowledge he has gotten from eating in elegant restaurants in different countries, observing the skills of chefs in cafes and street stalls and watching the preparation of local people in jungles, deserts, and remote places were remembered with the hope that he will be able to reproduce the best dishes he has tasted at home and open a restaurant in which he could serve all the most favorite dishes he had from around the world.

The author’s appreciation for the culture, scenic views, history, and people have led him to understand each culture and made him comprehend its influence on their cuisines thus esteeming each country’s staple food and flavoring style even more. Hence, regardless that he is traveling as a vegetarian, he has trusted and gotten used to the challenge of finding good things to eat in places where the traditional cuisine is meat or seafood.

Even it is originally intended as a cookbook, someone who will read it will learn travel lessons and trivia worth noting on those countries he has been in. Hence, if you want to read about traveling around the world while learning different countries vegan dishes, then this is definitely a good book to read.

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