Fort Santiago Calesas

Kwentong Kutchero In The Philippines

Touring around a heritage district though a horse drawn carriage makes the place even more historic. It has a way of making you relive those days when it still has a “small town with a slow life”  feel. All the more you could enjoy it if a coachman tells you the story of the places you pass by. Since he is a local that glides through … Continue reading Kwentong Kutchero In The Philippines

Travel Kindness

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What may be insignificant to you can mean a lot to others. This is what I am often reminded whenever I travel. Seeing the lives of others, chatting with them and learning how different your lives are, makes you appreciate what you have and realize what you’re missing. I am always impressed with people who live modestly yet so content.… Continue reading Travel Kindness

The Mask Culture Caused By COVID 19

Since we’re still clueless how long would covid19 will last, it seems like we have to accept that what was unusual to us is becoming the norm. We need to instantly adapt to the radical change caused by this pandemic disease. The longer COVID 19 lingers, a new kind of culture is developing. What’s normal now is that people are panic buying, strangers you come … Continue reading The Mask Culture Caused By COVID 19

Travel Photography

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I’ve always collected memories with my camera. It enables me to capture the bits and pieces of my life that makes it so rich and full. Through photographs, I can preserve the emotions, thoughts, and all the stages I go through life.. I can also somehow keep the exact sceneries that fascinated me. For me, it’s like a way of… Continue reading Travel Photography

Plaza Angel newspaper stand in Angeles City

Plaza Angel’s Newspaper Stand

TEXT & PHOTO: Kaycie Gayle Plaza Angel is a city park and public space in Angeles City where people could sit to order a cup of warm and hearty chocolate drink, and see the important establishments in the city. Part of its view is the modest newsstand that has been there for decades. The Red News Stand The red newspaper stand across Plaza Angel serves … Continue reading Plaza Angel’s Newspaper Stand

Tsokolate Eh and Tsokolate Ah in the Philippines

During colonial times, the way the chocolate drink is served to you has a way of expressing how valuable a person sees you or where you belong in society. Traditionally, chocolate drinks in the Philippines have two kinds, the ‘tsokolate eh’ and ‘tsokolate ah.’ During the colonial times, people looked at Tsokolate eh as a superior drink. It is served and reserved only for the … Continue reading Tsokolate Eh and Tsokolate Ah in the Philippines

Fort Santiago Gate Carruaje

Philippine Cities Where You Can Still Ride A Calesa

At present, there are only a few cities in PH that still have kalesa’s or better known as horse-drawn carriages. Because of its rarity, finding a calesa on the road has become special to onlookers. While some prefer modern vehicles, many still appreciate this old ride, as it is a part of heritage. Plus it adds to the charm of the place by bringing that … Continue reading Philippine Cities Where You Can Still Ride A Calesa

Air Asia’s Aircraft Disinfection Procedure

In the midst of the COVID 19 outbreak, people are getting more concerned about traveling. For travelers who are worrying about flying, it’s good to know how airlines do their safety procedures.  Air Asia, a Malaysian low-cost airline with domestic and international flights to more than 165 destinations spanning 25 countries has shared their disinfection procedure to inform people of their efforts in protecting their … Continue reading Air Asia’s Aircraft Disinfection Procedure

Tips when choosing a tour provider

One of the good sides of having a tour package is the convenience it offers. Also, it enables you to understand your destination as it includes a tour guide that can explain the background of a place and can explain it in a bridge language.  To get the best out of your vacation, it is important to carefully select your tour provider and the travel … Continue reading Tips when choosing a tour provider